SecurManage™ is a web-based software package that provides everything needed to manage residential community release facilities, day reporting centers and work release facilities of all sizes regardless of whether they are Federal BOP, state DOC or municipal programs. SecurManage™ tracks and manages all aspects of the residents’ stay in the facility. SecurManage™ has been designed to track residents from the time of their acceptance into the facility through their release.

Key Features

  • Easy navigation through a friendly web interface
  • Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible
  • Minimal licensing costs
  • Buildings and Units can be separated and defined by staff so that reports can be run against specific groups
  • All data is archived indefinitely, and searches can be done to pull up past residents with the click of a button
  • Digital signature pads and scanners are used for recording signatures and scanning residents and locations

Key Functions

Resident Information

  • Record resident demographics information, risk assessment and mugshots
  • Keep track of all movements, including bed assignments, counselors and treatment programs
  • Enter arrest information, parole plan, emergency contacts, gang affiliation, and much more

Case Management

  • Enter case notes for a specific resident, or select several residents in a group
  • Record scores for assessment instruments, including the LSI-R, LS/CMI, Salient Factor and many more
  • Our resident treatment plan gives you the ability to define problems and set goals


  • Enter schedules for pass sites, job searches, work sites, community service and more
  • Define modes of transportation and enter call times
  • Record details of every schedule, including addresses, wages, contacts and comments


  • Log residents in and out of the center, including their signature and the exact date and time
  • Keep track of each resident’s property
  • Our tasks module allows you to randomize or schedule daily tasks, such as UAs or room searches
  • The shift log gives you the ability to record events within the center
  • The medication module tracks all medications and logs all disbursements
  • Record incidents and have them emailed directly to staff
  • Notify staff via pager, email or text message when a resident is late returning to the center
  • Perform headcounts at the click of a button
  • Handheld scanners give you the ability to digitally record locations while doing tours

Merit / Demerit System

  • Sophispticated point system for entering merits and demerits
  • Change phase levels based on points
  • Record merits or demerits for an individual, or for a group

Accounting and Resident Financials

  • Enterprise class accounting system
  • Enter incomes and disbursements for residents
  • Auto-deduct amounts by the resident’s program or a specific resident, such as court costs or subsistence
  • Cut checks directly from the system
  • Generate billing reports in Excel spreadsheet format at the click of a button

Administration and Management

  • Generate comprehensive reports for statistical analysis
  • Add and remove users from the system, change passwords, and enter email addresses for notifications
  • Receive nightly status reports with census information, movements and incidents
  • Notifications of contractual obligations, including case note and facility exception reports

Our goal is to help your organization realize significant and measurable operational efficiencies while allowing staff members to collect and disseminate data quickly and efficiently to all departments.

The data collected relates to resident demographics, criminal history, medical and psycho-social history, educational and employment history, data from assessment instruments that measures risk of recidivism, educational aptitude and aptitude for employment. It also provides our customers with comprehensive case management and treatment modules. Of course, SecurManage™ provides the ability to manage and report on resident movements with our scheduling module, and has all of the features necessary to manage resident accountability.

SecurManage™ is a web-based technology which means that there is no sophisticated IT environment necessary to run the software. Our users only need a high speed Internet connection and a computer to use our software package.