Features and Benefits

SecurManage™ documents all contact with the residents in the form of case notes, prescriptive treatment plans, incident/ violation reports, medication, and disciplinary/ grievance procedures. SecurManage™ proactively informs staff of upcoming deadlines and performs escape notification and extraordinary occurrence reporting automatically. SecurManage™ also performs inmate trust accounting and end-of-month billing and invoicing. It empowers the staff by providing timely access to accurate, up-to-date data and eliminates redundant data entry.

SecurManage™ also contains a tour system named SecurScan™. This system provides an accurate record of guard tour details. It provides the ability to perform head counts using a hand held, wireless scanner. SecurScan™ is also designed for safety, sanitation and maintenance inspections. Deficiencies identified by a guard on tour are stored in the scanner. After the data has been uploaded (by an automatic device) into the database, reports and emails are automatically generated to the maintenance staff and to the compliance manager. Again, proactive reporting of such deficiencies ensures that they are addressed in a timely manner.

SecurManage™ contains a brand new resident accounting package. This is the most advanced accounting system available to the corrections industry. It is a fully integrated accounting module that will interface with SecurManage™ existing billing.

The newest SecurManage™ feature is a new task and randomizer utility that is designed to provide your organization with the ability to schedule, either manually or in an automated random manner, tasks such as breathalyzers, urines, room/locker searches, etc. The randomizations are set according to agency requirements.


The are several benefits associated with the use of SecurManage™. These benefits can be broken down into the following categories:

  • FTE Savings
  • Cost Avoidance/Re-Allocation of Resources
  • Increased Productivity

FTE Savings

In certain areas of your organization, hard dollar FTE savings can be realized by using SecurManage™. For example, in movement areas (such as check-In/check-out locations) only a single staff member will be required if using SecurManage™. The product uses bar code technology associated with the resident’s ID Badge in order to facilitate movement. A simple scan of a residents ID Badge will bring the resident’s movements and schedules to the monitor’s screen. At that point, the staff simply clicks on a button and the resident is checked out of the building. In several of our installations, multiple monitors were needed (prior to the installation of SecurManage™) to handle the volume during peak hours of the day. Multi staff requirements are either minimized or eliminated given the use of this technology.

Cost Avoidance/Re-Allocation of Resources

With the use of technology like SecurScan™, new security staff hires can be avoided or reduced in favor of more case management or clinical staff. Again the extent of the savings will correlate directly with the mode of operation at each facility. Additionally, SecurManage™ is built using open source technology thus licensing costs are reduced or eliminated because license fees to use Microsoft products and other licensed products is not required thus saving our customers from additional fees.

Increased Productivity

Work flow analysis conducted before and after product implementation reveals a staggering 42.4% increase in user productivity when using SecurManage™. This increased productivity offers organizations, using our product, the opportunity to provide more services to the program participants at a lower cost. The ability to produce detailed statistical and summary reports is invaluable for projecting and planning future growth. SecurManage™ has made trend analysis possible thus allowing for the design of new programs for residents or program participants based on data and outcome studies of the most effective treatment modalities. SecurManage™ allows for the most efficient staff deployment and utilization without compromising accountability and strict program compliance.

Using SecurManage™ will make your organization more efficient and effective along with providing on demand data and reports. Using SecurManage™ will maximize the use of your organization’s resources and provide you the ability to expand the services you offer to your clients.

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