SM Version

In this newest release of SecurManage we’ve yet again continued to improve the hardware and database backend infrastructure that supports your end-user experience.  A lot of these changes you as a user won’t even really notice, but trust us they’re there!

Listed below are the changes we’ve made that are sure to add value to your experience and most-significantly impact your day to day operations.  Please reach out to Greg at or reach out to the Support Team at if you would like more information and training on the new options, or if you would like to activate any of the Building-Group (BG) properties that are optional functions.  Enjoy 8.5.1!!!

  1. Merge Accounts and Accounts Admin Modules – The “Accounts” and “Accounts Admin” pages have now been merged into one single “Accounts” module in order to save space across the TopNav and open the door for us to possibly add more tabs in the future. All of the pages within the two modules are the exact same; they’ve just been combined into a single module.
  2. Forms Approval and Dash Alert – It’s very common in this business for certain forms to require “approval” of a supervisor or licensed professional before they can be officially submitted to a funding source or oversight group. With the new forms-approval page (and accompanying Dashboard Alert) those responsible for approving these forms can be notified of any forms pending their approval (Dashboard alert) and can visit the new Home >> Forms Approval page to jump-to and approve or reject any of those forms.  *Note* forms that require approval must be configured to have a “Completed” button which initiates the approval process.  This must be configured through the support desk or, if this is a new form, requested when you create your initial development request.
  3. Edit Locked Forms Role – We have long been able to “lock” forms in the system (thus making it so that nobody can edit them once they’re saved) based on customer requests for specifically identified forms. However, sometimes a supervisor or director may need to go into a “locked” form to submit a signature or add a follow-up narrative, and until now this was impossible.  With this new “Edit Locked Forms” user role, select staff will have access to go into “locked” forms and edit them if they need to.
  4. Add email address to Emergency Contacts and Format Other Contacts Changes – The Emergency Info page now includes a new field to capture the email address of any emergency contacts. Also, the Intake >> Other Contacts page has had a few fields adjusted.  Specifically, the phone number field has changed to automatically be formatted in the xxx-xxx-xxxx style, and the “Relationship” field on this page has been changed to a drop-down list rather than a text-entry field to facilitate additional reporting functionality.
  5. Denied Visitor Changes – When attempting to add a visitor (or facility visitor) that may have already been denied access in another facility of yours, SecurManage will now warn the user that a potential match for a previously-denied visitor has been found (similar to potential matches being found when you're adding a new resident). Moreover, if a photo has been uploaded for this visitor, that photo will also appear in those results.
  6. Add "Result" field to resident log print – When printing a log from the Security >> Resident Log page, the “Result” field will show on that print-out if that particular resident log type includes a field for results.
  7. Add Title and License Number to User Admin – The Management >> User Admin page now offers two additional fields in a user's profile.  Those fields include the user’s official title (Director, Program Manager, etc) and their License Number if they are an officially credentialed and licensed service provider.
  8. Add Case# to Sentencing – The Intake >> Sentencing page now includes a new field to add a Case Number for specific charges/cases.