Welcome our "Survey of the Month" page!

We'll be using this page to collect customer feedback on various topics throughout the year.  The surveys will be constantly rotating and collect data on: Hot topics of the month, possible interface functionality development, requests pertaining to new contracts or RFPs, customer service feedback, and more.

It's important to us to get as much real-time, honest feedback as we possibly can from these surveys, so please be honest and don't hold any opinions back!  We want the truth!

Also, every individual who fills out a qualifying survey will be automatically entered to win a drawing at the end of every month.  These drawings will include things like: Free WebEx trainings, discounts on hardware or custom development, Amazon gift cards, on-site training specials, and more.  So be sure to visit every month and complete the survey for your chance to win!

Be sure to check back for next month's survey - Home Confinement!