2019 SecurManage User Conference

Welcome to the 2019 SecurManage User Conference registration page!  Below you'll find general conference information as well as a link to follow for hotel reservations at our discounted rate.  Lastly, you'll find a form to fill out to actually register yourself as an attendee for the conference.  Please be sure to register and reserve your room(s) as soon as you can; there are limited rooms available at our discounted rate!

We can't wait to see you all soon!

-The SecurManage Team


General Conference Information: 

Dates: Sunday, October 20th  - Tuesday, October 22nd.

Time: The conference will begin with registration and a welcoming reception at 5:30 PM EST Sunday, and will go through lunch on Tuesday the 22nd.

Location: All conference events will take place at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Downtown Pittsburgh.  Guests can stay elsewhere if they choose, but we recommend taking advantage of the discounted rate at the conference-hotel.

Cost: $300.00 per attendee for all registration received before August 1st 2019.  $350.00 per attendee for registrations received after August 1st.  A discount of $50.00 per attendee will be granted to any organization sending three (3) or more attendees.  All registration costs, unless attendees request otherwise, will be added to the organization's October 2019 invoice.

What it covers: The registration cost for the User Conference covers all conference materials, handouts and giveaways, and also includes: light appetizers and cocktails during the Sunday evening welcome reception, breakfast and lunch on Monday the 21st, and breakfast and lunch on Tuesday the 22nd.


Conference Hotel Reservations:

Room rates for the Hotel Monaco have been discounted to $179.00/night for the SM user conference.  Please follow the link below to visit the reservations page and book your room.  **Note** While the bulk of the room-block at the discounted rate is set aside for Sunday the 20th and Monday the 21st, limited rooms are also available at that rate for Saturday the 19th and Tuesday the 22nd.  If your travel plans will bring you in a day early or keep you a day late please be sure to reserve right away - first come, first served!

Reserve Your Room for the 2019 User Conference Here!


Conference Registration Form:

Please complete the form below to register yourself for the 2019 SecurManage User Conference.  Please note that the content and curriculum of the conference is heavily driven by the attendees and what they say they'd like to cover, we do have sessions every year that are conference-staples.  Those sessions include but are not limited to:  What's New in SecurManage since Last Year, What's coming in SecurManage Next Year, What Do You Want to See in SecurManage/Where Would You Like Us to Go?, and SecurManage Basics/Beginner Training.

Be sure to be a thorough/detailed as possible with regard to what you'd like to cover.  As mentioned above, the content of the conference-material is pulled directly from these forms.  Thank you and see you soon!